Neogenin mediates the action of repulsive guidance molecule

  title={Neogenin mediates the action of repulsive guidance molecule},
  author={S. Rajagopalan and Lutz Deitinghoff and Denise Davis and Sabine Conrad and Thomas Skutella and Alain Ch{\'e}dotal and Bernhard K. Mueller and Stephen M Strittmatter},
  journal={Nature Cell Biology},
Repulsive guidance molecule (RGM) is a recently identified protein implicated in both axonal guidance and neural tube closure. The avoidance of chick RGM in the posterior optic tectum by growing temporal, but not nasal, retinal ganglion cell axons is thought to contribute to visual map formation. In contrast to ephrins, semaphorins, netrins and slits, no receptor mechanism for RGM action has been defined. Here, an expression cloning strategy identified neogenin as a binding site for RGM, with a… CONTINUE READING
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