Neofuscelia squamariata and Neofuscelia almbornii SP. Nov. (Parmeliaceae)

  title={Neofuscelia squamariata and Neofuscelia almbornii SP. Nov. (Parmeliaceae)},
  author={A. Henssen and A. Titze},
The species Neofuscelia almbornii Henssen, is described from South Africa. It differs from N. squamariata in the smaller size of the lobes and longer asci and conidia. Characteristic features of both species are: a subcrustose thallus with tufts of rhizoidal hyphae arising from a well-developed lower cortex,±bifusiform conidia, and a minutely porous upper surface. The two species differ from Neofuscelia pulla by the lack of a foliose thallus, true rhizines, and epicortical pores in the sense of… Expand
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