Neoangiogenesis with endothelial precursors for the treatment of ischemia.

  title={Neoangiogenesis with endothelial precursors for the treatment of ischemia.},
  author={Pilar Sep{\'u}lveda and Juan B Mart{\'i}nez-Le{\'o}n and Jose Manuel Garc{\'i}a-Verdugo},
  journal={Transplantation proceedings},
  volume={39 7},
In the embryo, blood vessels and hematopoietic cells arise from the hemangioblast, a common precursor cell. Compelling evidence suggests that bone marrow from adult individuals contains endothelial cell precursors (EPCs), similar to embryonic hemangioblast. They are able to increase neovascularization of tissue after ischemia. Herein we have discussed the ontogeny of these cells, their phenotypes, and their isolation from various sources. We also have presented experimental studies indicating… CONTINUE READING


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