Neo‐Environmental Determinism, Intellectual Damage Control, and Nature/Society Science

  title={Neo‐Environmental Determinism, Intellectual Damage Control, and Nature/Society Science},
  author={Andrew Sluyter},
The paradox in environmental determinism and possibilism: A literature review
This article provides in-depth review of the prevailing controversy among environmental determinists and possibilists, and searches the linkage among them. The issue of environmental determinism and
Nation Branding. A Critical Evaluation. Assessing the Image Building of Iceland
Icelanders have long been image conscious. But only recently with Icelandic companies expanding abroad has a concerted effort towards image building been set in motion. With the budding expansion,
The Influence of Iron on Arctic Thule Migration Patterns
Determinism and the antiquated deontology of the social sciences
This article shows how the social sciences, particularly human geography, rejected hard determinism by the mid-twentieth century largely on the deontological basis that it is irreconcilable with
A Philosophical Basis
  • Qing Pei
  • Philosophy
    Climate Change Economics between Europe and China
  • 2021
Environmental Determinism
  • W. Meyer
  • International Encyclopedia of Human Geography
  • 2020
Framing in Sustainability Science: Theoretical and Practical Approaches
This chapter discusses multiple understanding of sustainability by examining the process to identify what must be framed as sustainability challenges. The chapter first provides a summary of past
How Natural and Positional Factors Influenced Land-Use Change During the Last 250 Years in Temperate Russia
The analysis of spatial and temporal dynamics of the land-use structure in the Meschera Lowland since the late eighteenth century has been realized considering the contributions of natural and


Rethinking Precolonial Plant Cultivation on the Northwest Coast of North America
The indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast of North America are widely believed to have been true “hunter-fisher-gatherers,” lacking plant cultivation of any kind. This depiction of the region's
Colonialism and Landscape: Postcolonial Theory and Applications
Chapter 1 Colonialism and Landscape Chapter 2 The Precolonial Landscape Chapter 3 Colonization Chapter 4 From Archive to Map to Landscape Chapter 5 Material/Conceptual Colonization Chapter 6 The
The geography of poverty and wealth.
This review concludes that Smith's hypothesis has been vindicated by the striking success of capitalist economies in North America, western Europe and East Asia and by the dismal failure of socialist planning in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.
Environmentalism and Eurocentrism
ABSTRACT. Environmental determinism has served to validate a Eurocentric world history for several centuries, and it continues to do so today. This essay looks briefly at the historical marriage