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Nematodes of Puerto Rico: Actinolaimoidea new superfamily with a revision of its genera and species with addenda to Belondiroidea (Nemata, Adenophorea, Dorylaimida).

  title={Nematodes of Puerto Rico: Actinolaimoidea new superfamily with a revision of its genera and species with addenda to Belondiroidea (Nemata, Adenophorea, Dorylaimida).},
  author={G. Thorne},
Free-living nematodes from nature reserves in Costa Rica Genera Egtitus Thorne, 1967 and Trachypleurosum Andrássy, 1959 (Dorylaimida: Actinolaimidae)
In the Appendix five genera and forty-two species of free-living nematodes described as new to science from Costa Rica are listed. Expand
On the “Paractinolaimus” genus group (Nematoda: Actinolaimidae), with description of five new and two rare species of Egtitus Thorne, 1967
Five genera of the family Actinolaimidae, subfamily Actinolaiminae are united in the “Paractinolaimus” genus group. Four of them, Egtitus, Nothactinolaimus, Stopractinca and Westindicus areExpand
Description of a new species of Paractinolaimus Meyl, 1957 (Dorylaimida: Nematoda) and a compendium of ali the nominal species of the genus
The new species, among the numerous species of Paractinolaimus described so far, has a unique female tail shape: instead of the usual convex conoid initial part followed by a more or less elongated slender part, it shows a quite short, Eudorylaimus-like conoid tail. Expand
Three new species of the family Actinolaimidae (Nematoda : Dorylaimida) from India
Trois nouvelles especes appartenant a la famille des Actinolaimidae (Thorne, 1939) Meyl, 1960 sont decrites et illustrees, la troisieme au genre Egtitus Thorne, 1967. Expand
Patterns of survival and extinction of nematodes in isolated soil
The effects of local extinction on the structure of a nematode community were examined by monitoring soil nematodes populations in cores that were isolated from surrounding soil, and types that were morphologically specialized for feeding on resources that were abundant in the cores persisted. Expand
Cladistic analysis and a comparison between taxonomical criteria in the classification of nematodes
A taxonomical study recently conducted by the present author on the superfamily Ac‐tinolaimoidea is discussed and analyzed, and the different criteria and their effects on the classification of nematodes are compared. Expand
Status of the genera Paractinolaimus Meyl, 1957, Trachypleurosum Andrassy, 1959 and Trachactinolaimus Andrassy, 1963 ( Nematoda : Actinolaimidae ) with description of Trachypleurosum venezolanum n. sp.
Study of the type specimens of Trachypleurosum confonne (Schneider, 1935) showed that they possess four large onchia in the buccal cavity, Consequently the genus differs from Trachactinolaimus only in the absence of denticles on the cheilostome wall. Expand
Freshwater nematodes from South Africa. 8. New and known species of Actinolaimoidea
The name of the type species thus becomes A. magaliesmontanus, since it has priority and is regarded as conspecific with A. noblei, the designated type. Expand
Observations on the subfamily Aetholaiminae Jairajpuri, 1965 (Nygolaimidae Nematoda)
The genus and species Mylocliscus nanus, described in 1939, and Donjlaimus rotundicauda de Man, 1880, currently placed under Carcharo- laimus Thorne, 1939, is redescribed from specimens collected in the Netherlands and Switzerland and is briefly reviewed. Expand
The oesophago-intestinal junction in the Dorylaimoidea (Nematoda)
The oesophago-intestinal junction of 58 species of Dorylaimoidea (sensu Goodey, 1963) are illustrated from whole mounts and eight from sections, finding changes from the dorylaimid junction are correlated with factors such as presence of an Oesophageal sheath or shortening of the oesophileal bulb. Expand


Free-Living and Plant-Parasitic Nematodes From Venezuela
This paper gives a taxonomic survey of free-living and plant-parasitic nematodes collected by Dr. M. Oostenbrink in Venezuela in the spring of 1962. The list contains 219 species, for each of whichExpand
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