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Neither Global Nor Local: ?Glocalization? and the Politics of Scale

  title={Neither Global Nor Local: ?Glocalization? and the Politics of Scale},
  author={Erik Swyngedouw and Bob Jessop},
Jenseits von Souveränität und Territorialität: Überlegungen zu einer politischen Theorie der Stadt
Zusammenfassung: Seit jeher dienen Städte als Projektionsfläche sowohl für die Identifikation von problematischen Tendenzen der (modernen) Gesellschaft als auch für die Entwicklung erstrebenswerter
Sustainability: Issues of Scale, Care and Consumption
This paper investigates how consumers interested in sustainability are affected by conflicts in caring and scale. Contrasting previous emphasis relating scale to production, the paper illustrates how
A continuum of perceived urban risk – from the Gorkha earthquake to economic insecurity
Global discussions of risk in the disaster risk reduction literature do not necessarily reflect the range of risk as understood by residents in the urban South. This intra-urban comparison from
The development of Chinese metropolitan planning management systems : with particular focus upon governance
___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ii Abstract This thesis examines Chinese metropolitan planning
Movements against the current : scale and social capital in peasants’ struggles for water in the Ecuadorian Highlands
Dit proefschrift gaat over de strijd om water en waterrechten van kleine boeren en inheemse gemeenschappen in de Ecuadoraanse hooglanden. De volgende onderzoeksvraag staat hierin centraal: hoe hebben
Transformations in Citizenship
  • E. Rasch
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 2012
In this article, I analyze how Guatemalan indigenous citizens claim their rights to be citizens and agents of their own development through local resistance to large-scale mining projects. These
Scalar politics and strategic consolidation: The Norwegian Gas Forum's quest for embedding Norwegian gas resources in domestic space
Underthun, A., Kasa, S. & Reitan, M. 2011. Scalar politics and strategic consolidation: The Norwegian Gas Forum's quest for embedding Norwegian gas resources in domestic space. Norsk Geografisk
Changing lives, changing nature(s): socio-environmental transitions in the uplands of the Lao PDR
This study debates the socio-political construction of the land degradation issue in the Lao PDR, the consequences of this construction for policy interventions in the uplands, and the social and
The network society : a new context for planning?
List of figures List of tables Contributors Preface Introduction: A New Context for Planning? Louis Albrechts and Seymour J. Mandelbaum 1 The Network Society: A New Paradigm? 1.1 Communicative Action