Neighborhood socioeconomic status and cognitive function in women.

  title={Neighborhood socioeconomic status and cognitive function in women.},
  author={Regina A. Shih and Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar and Karen L. Margolis and Mary Ellen Slaughter and Adria Jewell and Chloe E. Bird and Christine E. Eibner and Natalie L. Denburg and Judith K. Ockene and Catherine R. Messina and Mark A. Espeland},
  journal={American journal of public health},
  volume={101 9},
OBJECTIVES We examined whether neighborhood socioeconomic status (NSES) is associated with cognitive functioning in older US women and whether this relationship is explained by associations between NSES and vascular, health behavior, and psychosocial factors. METHODS We assessed women aged 65 to 81 years (n = 7479) who were free of dementia and took part in the Women's Health Initiative Memory Study. Linear mixed models examined the cross-sectional association between an NSES index and… CONTINUE READING

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