Negotiation problem

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  • J. Nash
  • Economics
    Classics in Game Theory
  • 2020
A new treatment is presented of a classical economic problem, one which occurs in many forms, as bargaining, bilateral monopoly, etc. It may also be regarded as a nonzero-sum two-person game. In this

The Nash bargaining solution in economic modelling

This article establishes the relationship between the static axiomatic theory of bargaining and the sequential strategic approach to bargaining. We consider two strategic models of alternating

Chapter 35 Cooperative models of bargaining

Multi-agent bilateral bargaining and the Nash bargaining solution

Distortion of Utilities and the Bargaining Problem

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A replica analysis of the travelling salesman problem

We propose and analyse a replica symmetric solution for random link travelling salesman problems. This gives reasonable analytical estimates for thermodynamic quantities such as the length of the

Perfect Equilibrium in a Bargaining Model

Focuses on a study which examined perfect equilibrium in a bargaining model. Overview of the strategic approach adopted for the study; Details of the bargaining situation used; Discussion on perfect

Game theory.

  • M. Dufwenberg
  • Psychology
    Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Cognitive science
  • 2011
The nature of game-theoretic analysis, the history of game theory,Why game theory is useful for understanding human psychology, and why game theory has played a key role in the recent explosion of interest in the field of behavioral economics are discussed.

Replicas and optimization

We use the replica method to study the (bipartite) weighted matching problem with independent random distances between the points. We propose a replica symmetric solution which fits the numerical