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Negentropic Planar Symmetry Detector

  title={Negentropic Planar Symmetry Detector},
  author={Agata Migalska and J. P. Lewis},
In this paper we observe that information theoretical concepts are valuable tools for extracting information from images and, in particular, information on image symmetries. It is shown that the problem of detecting reflectional and rotational symmetries in a two-dimensional image can be reduced to the problem of detecting point-symmetry and periodicity in one-dimensional negentropy functions. Based on these findings a detector of reflectional and rotational global symmetries in greyscale… 



A signal processing approach to symmetry detection

It is proved that the AC of symmetric images is a periodic signal whose frequency is related to the order of the symmetry, and this frequency is recovered via spectrum estimation, which is a proven technique in signal processing with a variety of efficient solutions.

Spectral Symmetry Analysis

  • Michael ChertokY. Keller
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  • 2010
The derivation of a symmetry detection and analysis scheme for sets of points IRn and its extension to image analysis by way of local features and improves the scheme's robustness by incorporating geometrical constraints into the spectral analysis.

Symmetry Detection by Generalized Complex (GC) Moments: A Close-Form Solution

The relationship between reflectional symmetry and rotational symmetry in an image can be used to check the correctness of symmetry detection, and this method is theoretically guaranteed to detect all the axes of symmetries of every 2D image.

The spatial region of integration for visual symmetry detection

  • S. DakinA. Herbert
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences
  • 1998
The size and shape of this integration region (IR) is investigated by measuring human detection of spatially band–pass symmetrical patches embedded in noise by showing resistance to disruption of symmetry improves with increasing patch size, and then asymptotes when the embedded region fills the IR.

Symmetry Detection Using Feature Lines

A new algorithm for detecting structural redundancy in geometric data sets that computes rigid symmetries, i.e., subsets of a surface model that reoccur several times within the model differing only by translation, rotation or mirroring.

Symmetry Detection from RealWorld Images Competition 2013: Summary and Results

A US NSF funded symmetry detection algorithm competition as a workshop affiliated with the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Conference, 2013 sets a more complete benchmark for computer vision symmetry detection algorithms.

Detecting Symmetry and Symmetric Constellations of Features

It is shown how symmetric pairs of features can be efficiently detected, how the symmetry bonding each pair is extracted and evaluated, and how these can be grouped into symmetric constellations that specify the dominant symmetries present in the image.

Paying Attention to Symmetry

A number of symmetry models are developed an performed an eye tracking study with human participants viewing photographic images to test the models and the results show that the symmetry models better match the human data than the contrast model.

Statistical Assessment of Signal and Image Symmetries

It is shown that the symmetry parameter can be recovered with the parametric optimal rate for all functions f of bounded variation.