Negative stress and the outcome of treatment for binge eating.

  title={Negative stress and the outcome of treatment for binge eating.},
  author={Victor R Pendleton and Erik P. Willems and Paul Swank and Walker Seward Carlos Poston and G. Ken Goodrick and Rebecca S. Reeves and John P. Foreyt},
  journal={Eating disorders},
  volume={9 4},
This study investigated the ability of negatively versus positively perceived stress to predict outcome of treatment for binge eating disorder (BED). Participants were 62 obese women satisfying the DSMIV research criteria for BED. Stress was measured using an instrument based on the Recent Life Change Questionnaire (RLCQ). Participants experiencing high negative stress during the study period reported a binge eating frequency three times greater than that reported by subjects experiencing low… CONTINUE READING