Negative regulation of wnt11 expression by Jnk signaling during zebrafish gastrulation.

  title={Negative regulation of wnt11 expression by Jnk signaling during zebrafish gastrulation.},
  author={Jungwon Seo and Yoichi Asaoka and Yoko Nagai and Jun Hirayama and Tokiwa Yamasaki and Misako Namae and Shinya Ohata and Nao Shimizu and T. Negishi and Daiju Kitagawa and Hisato Kondoh and Makoto Furutani-Seiki and Josef M. Penninger and Toshiaki Katada and Hiroshi Nishina},
  journal={Journal of cellular biochemistry},
  volume={110 4},
Stress-induced Sapk/Jnk signaling is involved in cell survival and apoptosis. Recent studies have increased our understanding of the physiological roles of Jnk signaling in embryonic development. However, still unclear is the precise function of Jnk signaling during gastrulation, a critical step in the establishment of the vertebrate body plan. Here we use morpholino-mediated knockdown of the zebrafish orthologs of the Jnk activators Mkk4 and Mkk7 to examine the effect of Jnk signaling… CONTINUE READING


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