Negative norm estimates and superconvergence in Galerkin methods for parabolic problems

  title={Negative norm estimates and superconvergence in Galerkin methods for parabolic problems},
  author={Vidar Thom{\'e}e},
  journal={Mathematics of Computation},
  • V. Thomée
  • Published 1980
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics of Computation
Negative norm error estimates for semidiscrete Galerkin-finite element methods for parabolic problems are derived from known such estimates for elliptic problems and applied to prove superconvergence of certain procedures for evaluating point values of the exact solution and its derivatives. Our first purpose in this paper is to show how known negative norm error estimates for Galerkin-finite element type methods applied to the Dirichlet problem for second order elliptic equations can be… 

Superconvergence in the generalized finite element method

This paper shows that the superconvergence points for the gradient of the approximate solution are the zeros of a system of non-linear equations; this system does not depend on the solution of the boundary value problem.

Energy-norm error estimates for finite element discretization of parabolic problems

We consider the discretization of parabolic initial boundary value problems by finite element methods in space and a Runge-Kutta time stepping scheme. Order optimal a-priori error estimates are

Semidiscrete Finite Element Analysis of Time Fractional Parabolic Problems: A Unified Approach

  • S. Karaa
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    SIAM J. Numer. Anal.
  • 2018
In this paper, we consider the numerical approximation of time-fractional parabolic problems involving Caputo derivatives in time of order $\alpha$, $0< \alpha<1$. We derive optimal error estimates

An Inequality for Negative Norms with Application to Errors of Finite Element Methods

This paper deals with an inequality for ”negative” norms that can be used to get lower estimates for the error of a finite element discretization of elliptic partial differential equations. It is

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L2-norm error estimates are shown for semidiscrete (continuous in time) Galerkin finite element type approximations to solutions of general time-dependent nonselfadjoint second order parabolic

The finite element method for parabolic equations

SummaryIn this first of two papers, computable a posteriori estimates of the space discretization error in the finite element method of lines solution of parabolic equations are analyzed for

Second-order finite element approximations and a posteriori error estimation for two-dimensional parabolic systems

An adaptive local refinement finite element method of lines for solving vector systems of parabolic partial differential equations on two-dimensional rectangular regions using a Galerkin approach with piecewise eight-node serendipity functions is discussed.

Negative Norm Estimates and Superconvergence

In this chapter we shall extend our earlier error estimates in L2 and H1 to estimates in norms of negative order. It will turn out that if the accuracy in L2 of the family of approximating spaces is



A Quasi-Projection Analysis of Galerkin Methods for Parabolic and Hyperbolic Equations

Superconvergence phenomena are demonstrated for Galerkin approxima- tions of solutions of second order parabolic and hyperbolic problems in a single space variable. An asymptotic expansion of the

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In this paper we derive convergence estimates for certain semidiscrete methods used in the approximation of solutions of initial boundary value problems with homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions

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$L_2 $ error estimates for the continuous time and several discrete time Galerkin approximations to solutions of some second order nonlinear parabolic partial differential equations are derived. Both

High order local approximations to derivatives in the finite element method

Consider the approximation of the solution u of an elliptic boundary value problem by means of a finite element Galerkin method of order r, so that the approximate solution uh satisfies uh u = O(hr).

Acceleration of convergence for finite element solutions of the Poisson equation

SummaryLetuh be the finite element solution to−Δu=f with zero boundary conditions in a convex polyhedral domain Ω. Fromuh we calculate for eachz∈Ω and |α|≦1 an approximationuh−α(z) toDαu(z) with

$L_\infty $ Estimates of Optimal Orders for Galerkin Methods for One-Dimensional Second Order Parabolic and Hyperbolic Equations

A priori $L_\infty $ error estimates are derived for continuous piecewise polynomial Galerkin approximations to the solutions of one-dimensional second order parabolic and hyperbolic equations.

Higher order local accuracy by averaging in the finite element method

This chapter describes the class of finite element subspaces and explains the main result on the accuracy of K h * u h ,where K h is a fixed function, u h represents local averages, and * denotes

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