Negative Spin Exchange in a Multielectron Quantum Dot.

  title={Negative Spin Exchange in a Multielectron Quantum Dot.},
  author={Frederico Martins and Filip K. Malinowski and Peter D Nissen and Saeed Fallahi and Geoff C. Gardner and Michael J. Manfra and Charles M. Marcus and Ferdinand Kuemmeth},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={119 22},
We use a one-electron quantum dot as a spectroscopic probe to study the spin properties of a gate-controlled multielectron GaAs quantum dot at the transition between odd and even occupation numbers. We observe that the multielectron ground-state transitions from spin-1/2-like to singletlike to tripletlike as we increase the detuning towards the next higher charge state. The sign reversal in the inferred exchange energy persists at zero magnetic field, and the exchange strength is tunable by… Expand
Spin of a Multielectron Quantum Dot and Its Interaction with a Neighboring Electron
We investigate the spin of a multielectron GaAs quantum dot in a sequence of nine charge occupancies, by exchange coupling the multielectron dot to a neighboring two-electron double quantum dot. ForExpand
Negative exchange interactions in coupled few-electron quantum dots
It has been experimentally shown that negative exchange interactions can arise in a linear three-dot system when a two-electron double quantum dot is exchange coupled to a larger quantum dotExpand
Perspective on exchange-coupled quantum-dot spin chains
Electron spins in semiconductor quantum dots are a promising platform for quantum-information processing applications because their quantum phase coherence can persist for extremely long times.Expand
Extended orbital modeling of spin qubits in double quantum dots
Orbital modeling of two electron spins confined in a double quantum dot is revisited. We develop an extended Hund Mulliken approach that includes excited orbitals, allowing for a tripletExpand
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Singlet-triplet transition in double quantum dots in two-dimensional topological insulators
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It is demonstrated that higher shell and orbital states of a multi-electron silicon quantum dot with better control fidelity than single electron dots are demonstrated, which leads to faster Rabi rotations and higher fidelity single qubit gates at higher shell states. Expand
High-visibility single-shot readout of singlet-triplet qubits in a micromagnet-integrated quadruple quantum dot array
Fast and high-fidelity quantum state detection is essential for building robust spin-based quantum information processing platforms in semiconductors. The Pauli spin blockade (PSB)-basedExpand
Crosstalk error correction through dynamical decoupling of single-qubit gates in capacitively coupled singlet-triplet semiconductor spin qubits
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