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Negation in modern Hindi-Urdu: the development of nahII

  title={Negation in modern Hindi-Urdu: the development of nahII},
  author={Claire M. Lampp},
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Ketelaar rediscovered: The first Dutch grammar of Persian and Hindustani (1698)

To any Indologist, Instructie off Onderwijsinge der Hindoustanse en Persiaanse talen (1698) is instantly recognizable as the iconic ‘first grammar of Hindustani’ – just as the name of its author,

Interferrence of Hindi and English in the political discourse of Parliament of India

The thesis analyzes types of English-Hindi interference, from socio-linguistic and linguistic perspective. In the first and second chapter, the question of interference and the influence of one



Negation in English and other languages

Negation in South Asian Languages. Patiala: Indian Institute of Language Studies

  • 1995

ms. na and nahII in Hindi and Urdu. Paper presented at South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable (SALA)

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A Grammar of Hindi. Muenchen: Lincom Europa

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Some Aspects of the History of Modern Hindi Nahîn “No”, “Not”

In an examination of word-phrases A. Meillet stated long ago: “Des mots comme oui, non représentent le plus haut degré d'abstraction que puisse atteindre ainsi une réponse consistant en un seul mot.”

The Structure of the Noun Phrase in English and Hindi

An improved nephelometer for immunochemical complex assay measures forward light scatter in samples, and results in fluctuating signals, which are electrically processed to ignore the spurious peaks.

The evolution of negation

Recently, linguists have discovered (or, more accurately, rediscovered) the role that historical linguistics can legitimately play in providing explanations for the facts of synchronic language

A Sanskrit Grammar

Sanskrit Conversion: Devanagari > Latin Alphabet • LEXILOGOSElements Of The Comparative Grammar Of The Indo Germanic (अस्मद्) ASMAD Shabd Roop (मैं) MAIN Roop Sanskrit GrammarThe Sanskrit Language |