Needleless connector drying time—how long does it take?

  title={Needleless connector drying time—how long does it take?},
  author={Karen Slater and Fiona Fullerton and Marie Cooke and Simone Snell and Claire M. Rickard},
  journal={AJIC (American Journal of Infection Control)},

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Needle-free connectors catheter-related bloodstream infections: a prospective randomized controlled trial

The use of NFC does not influence the rate of bacterial contamination of infusion hubs of central venous catheters, and CRBSI was found in two control patients and one patient of the NFC group.

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TaggedP a Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia b School of Nursing and Midwifery, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia c Alliance for Vascular Access Teaching & Research (AVATAR)

What is new in catheter use and catheter infection prevention in the ICU

A number of recent systematic reviews and meta-analyses not only confirmed measures targeting best practice and technology at catheter insertion and catheter care but also challenged interventions, such as CHG bathing, which remain controversial.

Challenges and Solutions for Reducing Infection Risks When Accessing Vascular Catheters

Catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs) are the most common etiology of HAI and these can occur with central as well as peripheral intravascular catheters, with less frequent sources from hematogenous spread or contaminated infusate.

Desinfecção de hubs e conectores de cateteres intravenosos

Objetivo: identificar métodos de desinfecção de hubs e conectores sem agulha dos cateteres intravenosos em pacientes hospitalizados e verificar a efetividade das intervenções para a prevenção de



Successful Disinfection of Needleless Access Ports: A Matter of Time and Friction

All models of needleless access ports were effectively disinfected using either 70% alcohol alone or 3.15% chlorhexidine/70% alcohol using these two methods.

Disinfection of Needleless Connector Hubs: Clinical Evidence Systematic Review

It is critical for healthcare facilities and clinicians to take responsibility for compliance with basic principles of asepsis compliance, to involve frontline staff in strategies, to facilitate education that promotes understanding of the consequences of failure, and to comply with the standard of care for hub disinfection.

The risk of microbial contamination associated with six different needle-free connectors.

It is suggested that there may be differences in the risk of internal microbial contamination with different types of connectors and that even 15 seconds of decontamination may not fully eradicate microorganisms from the injection ports of some devices.

Infusion therapy standard of practice

  • J Infus Nur Soc
  • 2016

Infusion therapy standard of practice

  • J Infus Nur Soc
  • 2016