Needed: A New Empiricism

  title={Needed: A New Empiricism},
  author={Barbara R. Bergmann},
  journal={The Economists' Voice},
  • B. Bergmann
  • Published 2007
  • Economics
  • The Economists' Voice
Economists’ Voice March, 2007 © The Berkeley Electronic Press T he New York Times has reported a discovery by biologists studying how bottlenose dolphins hunt fish in groups. They found that individual dolphins consistently took specialized roles: one particular dolphin always served as herder, and the others served as barriers to the fishes’ escape. The scientists discovered this by watching two groups of dolphins during 120 feeding sessions. Those two dolphin groups probably received more… 
Models and Reality: How Did Models Divorced from Reality Become Epistemologically Acceptable?
  • A. Zaman
  • Economics
    International Econometric Review
  • 2020
Economic models translate real problems to an artificial world, and calculate outcomes. The match between artificial worlds populated by rational robots, and the real world, is never assessed.
Reply to Kendall: Asking v. Story-Spinning
The idea that economists will come closer to the reality of business operations by sitting in their academic offices and making up stories than they might get by observing or talking to managers is


An Experimental Imperfect Market
ITi s a commonplace that, in its choice of method, economics is limited by the fact that resort cannot be had to the laboratory techniques of the natural sciences. On the one hand, the data of real
Race and Gender Discrimination in Bargaining for a New Car
More than three hundred paired audits at new-car dealerships reveal that dealers quoted significantly lower prices to white males than to black or female test buyers using identical, scripted
and C . J . Hitch ( 1939 ) “ Price Theory and Business Behavior
  • Clear and Convincing Evidence : Measurement of Discrimination in America
  • 1993