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Nectriella (Kutilakesa) pironii, a Pathogen of Fig Plants

  title={Nectriella (Kutilakesa) pironii, a Pathogen of Fig Plants},
  author={S. Alfieri and N. El-Gholl and M. L. Campbell},
The fungus, Nectriella (Kutilakesa) pironii Alfieri & Samuels, causes stem galls and cankers of fig (Ficus carica L.) plants. Six cultivars were found to be susceptible to the pathogen. Nectriella pironii has been recently described (3) along with its imperfect state Kutilakesa pironii Alfieri (1) and reported as a wound pathogen on a number of woody and other ornamental plants (4, 5). The generic name Kutilakesa Subram. is reported as a synonym of Sarcopodium Ehrenb. ex Schlecht. by Sutton (7… Expand
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  • 1979
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