Necrotizing fasciitis of neck due to third molar infection: case report

  title={Necrotizing fasciitis of neck due to third molar infection: case report},
  author={Kholoud Mosaa and Raed Shat and Hina Quraishi and Abdullah Algorashi and Norah Ali Alqahtani},
Abstracts background: Necrotizing fasciitis (NF) is a severe soft tissue infection characterized by rapidly progressing necrosis, involving fascia and subcutaneous tissues  .This  rare  condition  carries  high  mortality  rate  and  require  prompt diagnosis and urgent treatment with radical debridement and antibiotics. Method: We prescribe a case of 61 years old Chadian male with history of Diabetes Mellitus who presented to emergency of KFHJ. He reported dental infection and swelling… 


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It is found that prompt, rather than delayed, surgical débridement correlates with a decrease in morbidity and mortality, but no definite conclusion is justified due to the relatively small number of patients.
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