Necrotizing enterocolitis: factors affecting mortality in 101 surgical cases.

  title={Necrotizing enterocolitis: factors affecting mortality in 101 surgical cases.},
  author={Dolores F Cikrit and J Mastandrea and Karen W. West and Richard L. Schreiner and Jay L. Grosfeld},
  volume={96 4},
One hundred one infants requiring operative treatment for necrotizing enterocolitis were evaluated for prenatal, perinatal, therapeutic, clinical, laboratory, radiographic, and operative factors as they relate to mortality. Infants less than 28 weeks gestation and those with birth weight less than 1500 gm had an increased mortality rate. The use of umbilical arterial catheters, high-density premature formulas, and aminophylline (for apnea) had an adverse effect on survival. Persistent acidosis… CONTINUE READING
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