Near-optimal intense and powerful terahertz source by optical rectification in lithium niobate crystal

  title={Near-optimal intense and powerful terahertz source by optical rectification in lithium niobate crystal},
  author={L{\'e}o Guiramand and Joel Edouard Nkeck and Xavier Ropagnol and T. Ozaki and François Blanchard},
  journal={Photonics Research},
Using an affordable ytterbium laser with sub-mJ of energy combined with a novel pulse compression technique, we demonstrate an extremely competitive state-of-the-art terahertz (THz) source with 53 mW of average power and 310 kV/cm at focus from the tilted-pulse front pumping scheme in lithium niobate at room temperature. Key points of this demonstration include the use of a pump pulse duration of 280 fs in combination with an echelon mirror. Our results present unmatched combined… 

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