Near-infrared spectroscopic study of nontronites and ferruginous smectite.

  title={Near-infrared spectroscopic study of nontronites and ferruginous smectite.},
  author={Ray L. Frost and J. Theo Kloprogge and Zhe Ding},
  journal={Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy},
  volume={58 8},
The existence of life on planets such as Mars depend upon the presence of water. This water may not necessarily be as liquid or crystalline water but may be as interlayer water such as is found in smectitic clays. One group of smectites, relevant to the search for interplanetary life are those which have a high iron content, known as nontronites. Near-IR reflectance spectroscopy has been used to show the presence of water and hydroxyl units in these minerals. Three near-IR spectral regions are… CONTINUE READING