Near-infrared Imaging of the Orion 114 2 426 Silhouette Disk

  title={Near-infrared Imaging of the Orion 114 2 426 Silhouette Disk},
  author={Mark Mccaughrean and Hua Chen and John Bally and E D Erickson and Rodger Thompson and Marcia Rieke and Glenn Schneider and Susan Stolovy and Erick Young},
We present the first high-resolution near-infrared images of the edge-on silhouette circumstellar disk, Orion 1142426, made using NICMOS on the Hubble Space Telescope. Images taken against the bright nebular background of the ionized hydrogen Paa line at 1.87 mm show the major axis of the disk to be approximately 20% smaller than at 0.6 mm, from which we… CONTINUE READING