Near-IR Electrochromism in Electrodeposited Thin Films of Cyclometalated Complexes.

  title={Near-IR Electrochromism in Electrodeposited Thin Films of Cyclometalated Complexes.},
  author={Andreea Ionescu and Iolinda Aiello and Massimo La Deda and Alessandra Crispini and Mauro Ghedini and Maria Penelope De Santo and Nicolas Godbert},
  journal={ACS applied materials & interfaces},
  volume={8 19},
Homogeneous thin films of controlled thickness obtained from cyclometalated complexes of general formula [(C(∧)N)M(O(∧)N)], where M = Pd(II) or Pt(II), H(C(∧)N) = 2-phenylpyridine and, respectively, 2-thienylpyridine and H(O(∧)N) = a triphenylamine functionalized Schiff base, have been deposited by oxidative electropolymerization. The films have been electrochemically and morphologically characterized. The metallopolymeric thin films present stable reversible redox behavior and typical… CONTINUE READING

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