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Near-AdS$_2$ Spectroscopy: classifying the spectrum of operators and interactions in $\mathcal{N} = 2$ 4D supergravity

  title={Near-AdS\$\_2\$ Spectroscopy: classifying the spectrum of operators and interactions in \$\mathcal\{N\} = 2\$ 4D supergravity},
  author={Alejandra Castro and Evita Verheijden},
We describe holographic properties of near-AdS2 spacetimes that arise within spherically symmetric configurations of N = 2 4D U(1)4 supergravity, for both gauged and ungauged theories. These theories pose a rich space of AdS2 × S2 backgrounds, and their responses in the nearAdS2 region are not universal. In particular, we show that the spectrum of operators dual to the matter fields, and their cubic interactions, are sensitive to properties of the background and the theory it is embedded in… 
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