Nd:GdVO4 as a three-level laser at 879 nm.

  title={Nd:GdVO4 as a three-level laser at 879 nm.},
  author={{\'E}milie H{\'e}rault and François Balembois and Patrick M. Georges},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={31 18},
We present what we believe to be the first true three-level laser based on a Nd-doped crystal. From the 4F3/24I9/2 laser transition, the lower laser level being the ground state, emission at 879 nm in NdGdVO4 has been obtained with diode pumping. Up to 0.8 W of power has been achieved in cw operation and 24 microJ per pulse (35 ns) in the Q-switched regime. Intracavity second-harmonic generation in the pulsed regime is also demonstrated with 17 8 mW of average output power at 439.5 nm… CONTINUE READING