Navigational Challenges: Icons vs. Text Concerns for the Digital Age


The study conducted in this paper is to determine whether users work more effectively with text-based or graphical/icon-based web navigation. An experiment was performed to investigate this issue. Four participants perform simple tasks on two low-fidelity paper prototypes. The tasks were based on navigating for and locating a particular subject. Time of completion, success rate, along with a few other factors were recorded and analyzed. The average times of the tasks for the textbased prototype were significantly faster than the iconbased prototype. Two users committed one error on the icon prototype, and one user committed one error on each prototype. All fours users preferred the text prototype because it was quicker to find what they were looking for, and all users said they thought it would be effective to use both icons and text together. The paper concludes with a discussion on the findings of the research and a set of guideline are developed.

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