Navigating identity development and community belonging when “there are only two boxes to check”: An exploratory study of nonbinary trans college students

  title={Navigating identity development and community belonging when “there are only two boxes to check”: An exploratory study of nonbinary trans college students},
  author={Abbie E. Goldberg and Katherine A. Kuvalanka},
  journal={Journal of LGBT Youth},
  pages={106 - 131}
ABSTRACT Within the small research literature on transgender college students, little work has focused on nonbinary trans students. Findings from focus groups with seven nonbinary trans students revealed that participants explored and found support for their nonbinary trans identities online and offline, valuing in particular the support of other nonbinary people and the opportunities afforded in a college setting. Participants often felt compelled to be educators regarding gender and… 

“I am allowed to be myself”: A photovoice exploration of non-binary identity development and meaning-making

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Trans students face institutional and interpersonal discrimination that renders them vulnerable to minority stress. Some trans students respond to minority stress, and perceptions of injustice on

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“Compassionate and pragmatic, this is the book about trans kids that every parent, teacher, coach, caregiver, and policymaker needs to read!” Heath Fogg Davis, author of Beyond Trans: Does Gender



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ABSTRACT Few non-pathologizing models of transgender identity development currently exist. This study uses an adaptation of the D'Augelli (1994) lifespan model of sexual orientation identity

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The Influence of Campus Experiences on the Level of Outness Among Trans-Spectrum and Queer-Spectrum Students

Findings revealed higher levels of outness/disclosure for cisgender LGBQ women, and more negative perceptions of campus climate, classroom climate, and curriculum inclusivity and higher use of campus resources for trans-spectrum students.

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