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centrosome's job as an MTOC. One view was that the the " mysterious " centrosome has been demystified by centriole was just along for the ride, possibly en route real progress. A molecular basis for many centrosome for a task in meiosis. However, the tide may be turning functions is rapidly emerging. To the detriment of poetic against the centriole nihilists. Recent studies show that description, the successes in hand show that the centro-the PCM has a definable fibrous structure that may be some is no longer an indecipherable cause. functionally linked to the centriole. Although the precise role of the centriole in mitosis is not settled, the evidence David Pellman for each perspective is clearly presented. Departments of Pediatric Oncology Much of the mystique of the centrosome is tied to The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and its duplication. There was a remarkably longstanding Pediatric Hematology/Oncology controversy over whether the centrosome contained its The Children's Hospital own nucleic acid genome. The issue is primarily of his-Harvard Medical School torical importance as it is now clear that it does not. 44 Binney Street The chapter recounting the dispute nevertheless makes Boston, Massachusetts 02115 for instructive reading as it captures both the power of attractive models and the painstaking work required to overturn them when they happen to be incorrect. The past 40 years in cell biology have seen so many visible structure in centriole duplication may in fact rep-profound intellectual and technical advancements that resent a late step in a process begun during the previous the paths of discovery through any one area are often cell cycle. Even though the nature of the proposed li-difficult to recall. For today's college students, who censing event remains obscure, the experimental ap-never knew a world without genetic engineering or per-proaches being taken to characterize it are well de-sonal computers, the evolution of ideas leading to our scribed (for example, see the parthenogenesis assay in current understanding of cell function can be particularly chapter 1). hard to imagine. With Landmark Papers in Cell Biology, In addition to its work in dividing cells, the centrosome readers gain some perspective on the tremendous ad-has many other jobs. It controls key aspects of cell vances of this time. To mark the 40th anniversary of the morphology necessary for normal development. It is im-American Society for Cell Biology, Gall and McIntosh portant for establishing the position of mitotic spindles have …

DOI: 10.1016/S0092-8674(01)00344-0

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