Navigating BepiColombo during the weak-stability capture at Mercury

  title={Navigating BepiColombo during the weak-stability capture at Mercury},
  author={Rudiger Jehn and Vincente Companys and Carlos Montalvo Corral and D. Garcı´a Y{\'a}rnoz and N. S{\'a}nchez},
Abstract BepiColombo is scheduled for launch in August 2013 and to arrive after a nearly six-year long transfer at Mercury in June 2019. The trajectory has a number of challenging elements: a launch with Soyuz/Fregat into a geostationary transfer orbit, followed by a lunar flyby, long low-thrust arcs and five more planetary flybys (one at the Earth, two at Venus and two at Mercury). At arrival the low thrust arcs reduce the approach velocity so much that BepiColombo passes by the Sun–Mercury… CONTINUE READING