• Chemistry
  • Published 1996

Nature of soil acidity in some soils of Manipur

  title={Nature of soil acidity in some soils of Manipur},
  author={D. C. Nayak and Tushar Kanti Sen and G. S. Chamuah and Jawahar L. Sehgal},
In the Entisols, Inceptisols and Ultisols of Manipur, the total potential acidity is high. Exchange acidity contributes only 2.2 to 21.5 per cent whereas pH-dependent acidity is 78.5 to 97.8 per cent of total potential acidity. All types of soil acidity are relatively high in the hill soils than in the alluvial soils due to variations in physicochemical properties of the soils. High amount of ammonium acetate (pH 4.8) extractable Al indicates the presence of appreciable quantity of soluble Al… CONTINUE READING


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