Nature of mixed iron and aluminium gels as affected by Fe/Al molar ratio, pH and citrate

  title={Nature of mixed iron and aluminium gels as affected by Fe/Al molar ratio, pH and citrate},
  author={Antonio Violante and C. Colombo and G. Cinquegrani and Pf Adamo and P. Violante},
  journal={Clay Minerals},
  pages={511 - 519}
The influence of time, initial pH and the presence of inorganic and organic ligands in the presence or absence of clay minerals, on the nature, chemical composition, mineralogy and reactivity of hydrolytic species of AI or Fe has been studied in detail (ComeU & Schwertmann, 1979; Huang & Violante, 1986; Loeppert, 1987; Hsu, 1989; Schwertmann & Taylor, 1989). However, there is little information available on the nature of mixed Fe(III) and AI precipitates formed at different pH values and Fe/AI… CONTINUE READING

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