Nature based solutions for contaminated land remediation and brownfield redevelopment in cities: A review.

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Enhancing ecosystem services at urban brownfield sites – what value does contaminated soil have in the built environment?
Urban environments are challenged with a plethora of wicked problems in the face of rapid urbanization and land use change, not least natural capital degradation and widespread land and water
A review of green remediation strategies for heavy metal contaminated soil
Heavy metals and metalloids can accumulate in soil, with potentially toxic effects to human health and ecosystems, threatening the sustainable use and management of soil resources. Although a number
From landfills to landscapes—Nature‐based solutions for water management taking into account legacy contamination
This case study shows how certain NBS that focus on reducing the amount of water in contact with pollutants, reducing the amounts of particle spreading, remediating contaminated water and remediates contaminated soil, could be implemented at the site and function as a catalyst for an incremental city development.
Metal contamination and bioremediation of agricultural soils for food safety and sustainability
Agricultural soil is a non-renewable natural resource that requires careful stewardship in order to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. However, industrial and agricultural
Soil Remediation: Towards a Resilient and Adaptive Approach to Deal with the Ever-Changing Environmental Challenges
Pollution from numerous contaminants due to many anthropogenic activities affects soils quality. Industrialized countries have many contaminated sites; their remediation is a priority in
Nature-Based Units as Building Blocks for Resource Recovery Systems in Cities
Cities are producers of high quantities of secondary liquid and solid streams that are still poorly utilized within urban systems. In order to tackle this issue, there has been an ever-growing push


The superior effect of nature based solutions in land management for enhancing ecosystem services.
Soil and brownfield bioremediation
An overview of bioremediation technologies in the context of sustainability, their applications and limitations in the reclamation of contaminated sites with an emphasis on brownfields is presented.
A Sustainability Assessment Framework for Agricultural Land Remediation in China
China has an extensive agricultural land degradation issue due to pollution, with 19·4% of its agricultural land being contaminated. The government has released an ambitious Soil Pollution Prevention