Naturally occurring p16Ink4a-positive cells shorten healthy lifespan

  title={Naturally occurring p16Ink4a-positive cells shorten healthy lifespan},
  author={Darren J. Baker and Bennett G Childs and Matej Durik and Melinde E. Wijers and Cynthia J. Sieben and Jian Zhong and Rachel Saltness and Karthik B. Jeganathan and Grace C. Versoza and Abdul-Mohammad Pezeshki and Khashayarsha Khazaie and Jordan D. Miller and Jan M van Deursen},
Cellular senescence, a stress-induced irreversible growth arrest often characterized by expression of p16Ink4a (encoded by the Ink4a/Arf locus, also known as Cdkn2a) and a distinctive secretory phenotype, prevents the proliferation of preneoplastic cells and has beneficial roles in tissue remodelling during embryogenesis and wound healing. Senescent cells accumulate in various tissues and organs over time, and have been speculated to have a role in ageing. To explore the physiological relevance… CONTINUE READING
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