Naturaliste Plateau: constraints on the timing and evolution of the Kerguelen Large Igneous Province and its role in Gondwana breakup

  title={Naturaliste Plateau: constraints on the timing and evolution of the Kerguelen Large Igneous Province and its role in Gondwana breakup},
  author={Nicholas G. Direen and Benjamin E Cohen and Roland Maas and Frederick A. Frey and Joanne M. Whittaker and M. F. Coffin and Sebastien Meffre and Jacqueline A. Halpin and A. James Crawford},
  journal={Australian Journal of Earth Sciences},
  pages={851 - 869}
ABSTRACT Volcanism associated with the Kerguelen Large Igneous Province is found scattered in southwestern Australia (the ca 136 to ca 130 Ma Bunbury Basalts, and ca 124 Ma Wallaby Plateau), India (ca 118 Ma Rajmahal Traps and Cona Basalts), and Tibet (the ca 132 Ma Comei Basalts), but apart from the ∼70 000 km2 Wallaby Plateau, these examples are spatially and volumetrically minor. Here, we report dredge, geochronological and geochemical results from the ∼90 000 km2 Naturaliste Plateau… Expand
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Early Cretaceous subsidence of the Naturaliste Plateau defined by a new record of volcaniclastic-rich sequence at IODP Site U1513
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Expedition 369 Preliminary Report : Australia Cretaceous climate and tectonics. International Ocean Discovery Program. Tectonic, paleoclimate, and paleoceanographic history of high-latitude southern margins of Australia during the Cretaceous. 26 September–26 November 2017.
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Petrogenesis of the Bunbury Basalt, Western Australia: interaction between the Kerguelen plume and Gondwana lithosphere?
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Ar-40/Ar-39 geochronology of the Rajmahal basalts, India, and their relationship to the Kerguelen Plateau
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Indian continental crust recovered from Elan Bank, Kerguelen Plateau (ODP Leg 183, Site 1137)
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Petrogenesis of the earliest Early Cretaceous mafic rocks from the Cona area of the eastern Tethyan Himalaya in south Tibet: Interaction between the incubating Kerguelen plume and the eastern Greater India lithosphere?
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