Naturalism and Physicalism

  title={Naturalism and Physicalism},
  author={Barbara Gail Montero and David Papineau},
Naturalism means different things to different people. But one significant strand in contemporary understandings of the term is physicalism. This is the doctrine that everything is physical. In this chapter, we shall examine this doctrine and assess the strength of the case in its favor. Physicalism has increased markedly in popularity in the Western world over the past century or so. In a recent survey of philosophers, 56% of the 3000‐plus respondents were in favor of physicalism, and only 27… 
On Characterizing Metaphysical Naturalism
  • Lok-Chi Chan
  • Philosophy
    Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind Volume 1
  • 2021
The disciplinary characterization (DC) is the most popular approach to defining metaphysical naturalism and physicalism. It defines metaphysical naturalism with reference to scientific theories and
Realist ethical naturalism for ethical non-naturalists
It is common in metaethics today to draw a distinction between “naturalist” and “non-naturalist” versions of moral realism, where the former view maintains that moral properties are natural
The Principle of the Causal Openness of the Physical
The argument from causal closure for physicalism requires the principle that a physical event can only occur through being necessitated by antecedent physical events. This article proposes a view of
Defending Discontinuism, Naturally
The more interest philosophers take in memory, the less agreement there is that memory exists—or more precisely, that remembering is a distinct psychological kind or mental state. Concerns about


There is No Question of Physicalism
Many philosophers are impressed by the progress achieved by physical sciences. This has had an especially deep effect on their ontological views: it has made many of them physicalists. Physicalists
Why the Exclusion Problem Seems Intractable, and How, Just Maybe, to Tract It
1. The Problem The basic form of the exclusion problem is by now very, very familiar. 2 Start with the claim that the physical realm is causally complete: every physical thing that happens has a
A note on the completeness of ‘physics’
1. One argument for physicalism states that all physical effects are due to physical causes, and hence that anything having physical effects must itself be physical. Let us call this now familiar
What Does the Conservation of Energy Have to Do with Physicalism
The conservation of energy law, a law of physics that states that the total energy of any closed system is always conserved, is a bedrock principle that has achieved both broad theoretical and
Causal Closure Principles and Emergentism
Causal closure arguments against interactionist dualism are currently popular amongst physicalists. Such an argument appeals to some principles of the causal closure of the physical, together with
A Materialist theory of mind
Preface to the Paperback Edition Introduction Part One: Theories of Mind 1. A Classification of Theories of Mind 2. Dualism 3. The Attribute Theory 4. A Difficulty for any Non-materialist Theory of
Sensations and brain processes
  • H. Flohr
  • Biology
    Behavioural Brain Research
  • 1995
What Is It Like to Be a Bat?
Introduction: Thomas Nagel was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1937. He came to the United States in 1939 and became a naturalized citizen five years later. After completing his undergraduate degree
The Rise of Physicalism
Article (also printed in Wolff, J. & Stone, M. (eds.), "Proper Ambition of Science" (2000))