Natural stone coated substrate and preparation process.

  title={Natural stone coated substrate and preparation process.},
  author={Francisco Gracia Torres and Jose Luis Ramon Moreno and Luis Morell{\'o}n Alqu{\'e}zar and Raul Pozas Bravo and Eva Maria Terrado Sieso and Salvador Cristo Rodriguez Garcia and Javier Ses{\'e} Moncl{\'u}s and Pavel Strichovanec and Ricardo Ibarra Garcia and Jos{\'e} Andr{\'e}s Bueno Garc{\'i}a},
Substrate natural stone coated and preparation process. # The present invention describes a method for obtaining a substrate of natural stone comprising a coating of silicon nitride on at least part of its surface comprising a step of depositing said coating silicon nitride by chemical deposition technique assisted vapor plasma (PECVD). The invention also describes the natural stone substrate obtainable by said process and their use in construction and decoration as planks, tiles, slabs, etc. 

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