Natural radioactivity in groundwater--a review.

  title={Natural radioactivity in groundwater--a review.},
  author={Nguyen Dinh Chau and Marek Dulinski and Pawel Jodlowski and Jakub Nowak and Kazimierz R{\'o}żanski and Monika Sleziak and Przemyslaw Wachniew},
  journal={Isotopes in environmental and health studies},
  volume={47 4},
The issue of natural radioactivity in groundwater is reviewed, with emphasis on those radioisotopes which contribute in a significant way to the overall effective dose received by members of the public due to the intake of drinking water originating from groundwater systems. The term 'natural radioactivity' is used in this context to cover all radioactivity present in the environment, including man-made (anthropogenic) radioactivity. Comprehensive discussion of radiological aspects of the… CONTINUE READING

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