Natural products in medicinal chemistry.

  title={Natural products in medicinal chemistry.},
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The discovery of novel antifungal scaffolds by structural simplification of the natural product sampangine.
The first example of the successful simplification of an antifungal natural product is provided, starting from sampangine, and two novel simplified scaffolds with excellent antIFungal activity were discovered.
Supercritical Green Solvent for Amazonian Natural Resources
The Amazon is an ecological system that comprises a considerable part of South America and that presents a great biodiversity of plants and fruits. Most of them have bioactive compounds, such as
Daptomycin, a Bacterial Lipopeptide Synthesized by a Nonribosomal Machinery*
The structural properties of daptomycin, its biosynthesis, recent efforts for the generation of structural diversity, and its proposed mode of action are discussed.
Synergistic activity of sorafenib and betulinic acid against clonogenic activity of non‐small cell lung cancer cells
It is shown that combination therapy with low concentrations of sorafenib and betulinic acid had the capacity to induce high levels of cell death and abolish clonogenic activity in some NSCLC cell lines regardless of KRAS mutations.
Sorafenib in Combination with Betulinic Acid Synergistically Induces Cell Cycle Arrest and Inhibits Clonogenic Activity in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Cells
It was shown that combined treatment with low concentrations of sorafenib and betulinic acid had the capacity to inhibit proliferation and abolish clonogenic activity in PDAC cell lines.
Avaliação química de óleo essencial e alelopática de extrato hidroalcoólico de Artemisia vulgaris L
O estudo de otimizacao apontou that para o oleo essencial o fator tempo de secagem e significativo e a melhor condicao foi obtida, sendo observado elevada quantidade dos compostos de interesse.