Natural product inhibitors of ovarian neoplasia.

  title={Natural product inhibitors of ovarian neoplasia.},
  author={Jamille Santos Silva and Marcelo Dantas Moura and Rinalda A. G. Oliveira and Margareth F. F. Melo Diniz and Jos{\'e} Barbosa-Filho},
  journal={Phytomedicine : international journal of phytotherapy and phytopharmacology},
  volume={10 2-3},
The present work constitutes a review of the literature on natural products with potential antitumor activity against ovarian neoplasias. The review refers to five plant extracts and sixty-nine compounds isolated from higher plants and microorganisms, which are classified in appropriate chemical groups and model tested, and cites their activity. Some aspects of recent research with natural products directed to ward producing drugs which are inhibitors of ovarian neoplasia are discussed. 
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