Natural orifice transesophageal mediastinoscopy and thoracoscopy

  title={Natural orifice transesophageal mediastinoscopy and thoracoscopy},
  author={Field F Willingham and Denise Gee and Gregory Yves Lauwers and William Robert Brugge and David W. Rattner},
  journal={Surgical Endoscopy},
Thoracoscopy and mediastinoscopy are common procedures with painful incisions and prominent scars. A natural orifice transesophageal endoscopic surgical (NOTES) approach could reduce pain, eliminate intercostal neuralgia, provide access to the posterior mediastinal compartment, and improve cosmesis. In addition NOTES esophageal access routes also have the potential to replace conventional thoracoscopic approaches for medial or hilar lesions. Five healthy Yorkshire swine underwent nonsurvival… CONTINUE READING