Natural organic matter enhanced mobility of nano zerovalent iron.

  title={Natural organic matter enhanced mobility of nano zerovalent iron.},
  author={Richard L. Johnson and Graham Johnson and James T. Nurmi and Paul G Tratnyek},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={43 14},
Column studies showed that the mobility of nanometer-sized zerovalent iron (nZVI) through granular media is greatly increased in the presence of natural organic matter (NOM). At NOM concentrations of 20 mg/L or greater, the nZVI was highly mobile during transport experiments in 0.15-m long columns packed with medium sand. Below 20 mg/L NOM, mobility of the nZVI was less; however, even at 2 mg/L the nZVI showed significantly increased mobility compared to the no-NOM case. Spectrophotometric and… CONTINUE READING

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