Natural land cover drives pollinator abundance and richness, leading to reductions in pollen limitation in cotton agroecosystems

  title={Natural land cover drives pollinator abundance and richness, leading to reductions in pollen limitation in cotton agroecosystems},
  author={Sarah Cusser and J. L. Neff and S. Jha},
  journal={Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment},
  • Sarah Cusser, J. L. Neff, S. Jha
  • Published 2016
  • Biology
  • Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment
  • Abstract Cotton is the most economically and culturally important fiber crop worldwide. [...] Key Method To address these objectives, we used a combination of pollinator community surveys, GIS analysis, and pollen limitation experiments across 12 cotton landscapes in South Texas. Overall, we found that pollinator community composition was closely related to the abundance of natural areas (250 m radius). We also found evidence of substantial cotton pollen limitation, as significantly larger bolls were produced…Expand Abstract
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