Natural killer cell memory in infection, inflammation and cancer

  title={Natural killer cell memory in infection, inflammation and cancer},
  author={A. Cerwenka and L. Lanier},
  journal={Nature Reviews Immunology},
  • A. Cerwenka, L. Lanier
  • Published 2016
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature Reviews Immunology
  • Immunological memory can be defined as a quantitatively and qualitatively enhanced immune response upon rechallenge. For natural killer (NK) cells, two main types of memory exist. First, similarly to T cells and B cells, NK cells can exert immunological memory after encounters with stimuli such as haptens or viruses, resulting in the generation of antigen-specific memory NK cells. Second, NK cells can remember inflammatory cytokine milieus that imprint long-lasting non-antigen-specific NK cell… CONTINUE READING
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