Natural killer cell activity during measles.

  title={Natural killer cell activity during measles.},
  author={Diane E Griffin and Barbara J Ward and Esteban J{\'a}uregui and R. Todd Johnson and Abraham Vaisberg},
  journal={Clinical and experimental immunology},
  volume={81 2},
Natural killer cells are postulated to play an important role in host anti-viral defences. We measured natural killer cell activity in 30 individuals with acute measles (73 +/- 21 lytic units (LU)/10(7) cells) and 16 individuals with other infectious diseases (149 +/- 95 LU) and found it reduced compared with values for adults (375 +/- 70 LU; P less than 0.001) or children (300 +/- 73 LU, P less than 0.01) without infection. Reduced natural killer cell activity was found in measles patients… CONTINUE READING


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