Natural history of Alström syndrome in early childhood: onset with dilated cardiomyopathy.

  title={Natural history of Alstr{\"o}m syndrome in early childhood: onset with dilated cardiomyopathy.},
  author={Jean Luc Michaud and Elise H{\'e}on and François Guilbert and Jacques Weill and Bernard Puech and L. A. Benson and Jeffrey F. Smallhorn and Cheryl T. Shuman and J. Raymond Buncic and Alex V Levin and Rosanna A Weksberg and G. M. Breviere},
  journal={The Journal of pediatrics},
  volume={128 2},
Alström syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by cone-rod dystrophy, obesity, hearing impairment, and diabetes caused by insulin resistance. By reviewing the charts of eight patients followed for periods of 2 to 22 years, we established the natural history of this syndrome during childhood. Five patients, in four families, were seen between the ages of 3 weeks and 4 months with a dilated cardiomyopathy, a previously unrecognized feature of the syndrome. Photophobia and… CONTINUE READING


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