[Natural-focus infections in urbanized landscapes].


The data on natural-nidal diseases typical for cities, urban agglomerations and culture coenoses are summarized in the paper in the light of academician E. N. Pavlovsky's theory. According to the ecological principle all infections with natural nidality are classified into two large groups. Concrete data from the north-western region show the role of leptospirosis, haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, tick--borne encephalitis and pseudotuberculosis in urbanized landscapes. Modern epidemiological tendences of these diseases, associated with functioning of their natural and economic nidi, are stressed.

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@article{Daiter1985NaturalfocusII, title={[Natural-focus infections in urbanized landscapes].}, author={A. B. Daiter}, journal={Parazitologiia}, year={1985}, volume={19 3}, pages={169-76} }