Natural fibrous nanoclay reinforced soy polyol-based polyurethane

  title={Natural fibrous nanoclay reinforced soy polyol-based polyurethane},
  author={Chengshuang Wang and Yuting Wang and Weijing Liu and Haiyan Yin and Zuanru Yuan and Qingjun Wang and Hongfeng Xie and Rongshi Cheng},
Abstract In this study, novel soy polyol-based polyurethane (PU) nanocomposites were synthesized with the aim of determining the effect of the natural fibrous nanoclay (attapulgite, ATT) loading on the properties of PU nanocomposites. Scanning electron microscopy demonstrated the relatively homogeneous dispersion of ATT in the PU matrix. After the addition of ATT, a significant ATT reinforcement effect on PU was found. In the case of 12 wt.% ATT addition, 16.8 °C improvement in the glass… CONTINUE READING