Natural bioactive compounds of Citrus limon for food and health.

  title={Natural bioactive compounds of Citrus limon for food and health.},
  author={Elena Gonz{\'a}lez-Molina and Raul Dominguez-Perles and Diego A Moreno and Cristina Garc{\'i}a-Viguera},
  journal={Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis},
  volume={51 2},
Citrus genus is the most important fruit tree crop in the world and lemon is the third most important Citrus species. Several studies highlighted lemon as an important health-promoting fruit rich in phenolic compounds as well as vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, essential oils and carotenoids. Lemon fruit has a strong commercial value for the fresh products market and food industry. Moreover, lemon productive networks generate high amounts of wastes and by-products that constitute an important… CONTINUE READING