Natural and experimental infection of turkeys with avian paramyxovirus-7.

  title={Natural and experimental infection of turkeys with avian paramyxovirus-7.},
  author={Yehia Mo Saif and Ruchika Mohan and Lucy Ward and Dennis A. Senne and B. S. Panigrahy and Richard Dearth},
  journal={Avian diseases},
  volume={41 2},
Avian paramyxovirus-7 was isolated from a natural outbreak of respiratory tract disease in male and female commercial turkey breeder flocks. The disease spread readily between different housing complexes. The virus was isolated from affected flocks and used for experimental studies in specific-pathogen-free poults. Inoculated and contact-exposed poults developed a respiratory disease characterized by rhinitis and airsacculitis. The virus was isolated from the inoculated and contact-exposed… CONTINUE READING

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