Natural Selection and the Sex Ratio: Fisher's Sources

  title={Natural Selection and the Sex Ratio: Fisher's Sources},
  author={A. W. F. Edwards},
  journal={The American Naturalist},
  pages={564 - 569}
  • A. Edwards
  • Published 1 June 1998
  • History
  • The American Naturalist
which Fisher was certainly familiar. Probably the most celebrated argument in evolutionary The argument, which Fisher had expressed purely verbiology is the explanation of the near equality in the bally, lay fallow from 1930 until population geneticists numbers of males and females in many species that R. A. started to cast it in mathematical form (Shaw and Fisher (1930) gave in The Genetical Theory of Natural SeMohler 1953; Shaw 1958; Bodmer and Edwards 1960; lection. It demonstrated how… 
Darwin on the Proportion of the Sexes and General Fertility: Discovery and Rejection of Sex Ratio Evolution and Density-Dependent Selection
In The Descent of man and selection in relation to sex (1871) Darwin put forward theoretical principles which foreshadowed two breakthroughs of evolutionary thinking in the twentieth century: sex
A theory of Fisher's reproductive value
  • A. Grafen
  • Mathematics
    Journal of mathematical biology
  • 2006
A rigorously defined and very general structure justifies, and shows the unity of concept behind, Fisher's uses of reproductive value as measuring the significance for evolutionary processes of an individual and a class, and as an evolutionary maximand under natural selection.
Carl Düsing (1884) on the regulation of the sex-ratio.
  • A. Edwards
  • Philosophy
    Theoretical population biology
  • 2000
Düsing's mathematical account of the influence of natural selection on the sex ratio based on the same argument that Darwin had advanced in The Descent of Man is given.
Sex ratios and social evolution
Models of sex ratio evolution
The models used in this work are of two general kinds: expected-future-fitness or tracer-gene models that ask how a given sex allocation will affect the future frequencies of neutral genes carried by the allocating parent, and explicit population-genetic models that consider the dynamics of alleles that determine alternative parental sex allocation phenotypes.
Sex Ratio Theory, Ancient and Modern: An Eighteenth-Century Debate about Intelligent Design and the Development of Models in Evolutionary Biology
The design argument for the existence of God took a probabilistic turn in the 17 and 18 centuries, inspired by the emerging mathematical theory of probability and characterized in terms of the mathematical concept of probability.
The Selfish Gene Revisited: Reconciliation of Williams-Dawkins and Conventional Definitions
It is seen that recombination can be triggered by the shift in base composition at genic boundaries, and the Williams-Dawkins definition approaches the conventional definitions.
Evolution of sex-ratio: Brief review with mathematical study of some simple novel models
  • P. Otto
  • Biology
    Genetics and molecular biology
  • 2021
Three novel models are presented, in which the shift on the progeny sex-ratio depends on the number of copies of a mutant allele present in the parental pair, and it is shown that autosomal mutations that alter the usual sex-Ratio are eliminated from the population.
The Imbalanced Sex Ratio and the High Bride Price
This article examines changes and continuities in the epistemic and methodological presence of “race” in British imperial demography from 1920 to 1960. It does so in relation to population-level
Hypotheses on the stability and variation of human sex ratios at birth.
  • W. James
  • Biology, Psychology
    Journal of theoretical biology
  • 2012


Natural Selection and the Sex Ratio: The Approach to Equilibrium
Bodmer and Edwards' (1960) mathematical analysis of the action of Natural Selection on the sex ratio is extended to cover cases in which the equilibrium tertiary sex ratio is other than one half. It
Human Fertility
After reading this book, you will really know how exactly the importance of reading books as common is and how this human fertility gives you new lesson.
Evolution of sex
Understanding Homosexuality : Its Biological and Psychological Bases.By J. A. Loraine. Pp. 217. (Medical and Technical Publishing: Lancaster, October 1974.) £6.50.
The honorary animal : review of Narrow Press , Oxford . — — — . 1989 . The selfish gene . New ed . Oxford Univer - Roads of Gene Land , vol . 1 , by W . D . Hamilton
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The evolution of parental Gini, C. 1908. Il sesso dal punto di vista statistico. Sandron
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The Selfish Gene
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Parental investment and selection
  • Sexual selectionReview On the ‘ ‘ probable error ’ ’ of a coefficient of and the descent of man , 1871 – 1971
  • 1972
An introduction to ington
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